Curriculum Packages

If you wish to know what your child should be learning at his/her particular grade level, the Ministry of Education sets the education standards for students in grades K to 12 through the provincial curriculum. These standards are called Prescribed Learning Outcomes ('PLO's). PLOs outline the expectations for what students should know and be able to do at each grade and within each subject area.

Grades K-9
K-9 Grade level curriculum packages for required areas of study can be found at this link (click on heading.)

These curriculum packages outline the prescribed learning outcomes as well as suggested achievement indicators that describe what evidence to look for to determine whether or not a student has fully met the intent of the learning outcome. These curriculum packages do not provide activities and/or lists of suggested resources. Rather these curriculum packages can be used as a guide to understand what students should learn at each grade level in the desired subject area.

Grades 10-12
All additional curriculum documents can be found via this link. (click on heading.)