French Immersion

French Immersion is a District Program in Abbotsford that works towards functional fluency in French for a growing number of students each year. Over 1,300 students and 65 fully qualified bilingual teachers are active in the French Immersion program across the District.

Early French Immersion begins in Kindergarten at one of four different elementary schools located across the city: Centennial Park, Clearbrook, Margaret Stenersen, and Sandy Hill. The French Immersion program's second option and entry point begins in grade 6 at Chief Dan George Middle School. This is a highly-intensive ‘Late’ French Immersion program, taking place in grades 6 and 7. By grade 8, both the Late French Immersion students and those who have been in French Immersion since Kindergarten (Early French Immersion) join together for their grade 8 year. Students in grades 9-12 go on to complete their immersion experience at W.J. Mouat, graduating with a ‘Double Dogwood’ bilingual certificate. Throughout their school experience, students are ‘immersed’ in the French language, gaining fluency while completing the learning outcomes described in the curriculum for all secondary school graduates across the province.

Early French Immersion BrochureLate French Immersion Brochure

Information for Kindergarten and Early French Immersion

Interested families can learn more about our school district's Early French Immersion program and how to register by visiting our district website.

Information for Late French Immersion

A second option and entry point for the French Immersion program begins in grade 6. This highly intensive ‘Late’ French Immersion program opens for registration in January. Please refer to the Chief Dan George Middle website for more information.

Additional Resources

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