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Developing Scholars

Students receive full credit for their on and off field training:(P.E. 9,10, and 11 as well as Strength & Conditioning 9,10, and 11). Yale Secondary School has continued to be one of the top academic public institutions in the Fraser Valley. Recent surveys identify Yale as the top academic public high school in the district and one of the best in the province. In most years, Yale students are awarded significantly more district and provincial scholarships than any other school in Abbotsford. Yale offers over 250 different courses and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The range of educational opportunities available at Yale has led to our fine reputation. We offer several Advanced Placement courses and support them with Honors courses throughout the grade levels. Yale also offers a wide-ranging and intensive program in visual art, theatre and music, which presents students with many opportunities to show their talents.

Each girl will also have a chance to further their academic success while playing softball at a post secondary institution. Throughout the course of the year, the girls will have the opportunity to send out college resumes and videos for all grade 11 or 12 students who wish to pursue their softball career at the University and College level. Our valuable classroom sessions will be based around sport nutrition, sport psychology, and SAT preparation.

The Yale Softball Academy is proud to encourage, support, and train the Student-Athlete. Because the Yale Softball Academy places a heavy emphasis on academic excellence, it is mandatory for all Yale Softball Academy students to maintain a B average (73% cummulative) while attending our program. The Yale Softball Academy wishes to maintain a high academic standard.


The Yale Softball Academy is split into two groups, Red and Blue, which train at different times during the school day. This gives each individual the opportunity to train with girls that are competing at the same level as them, as well as to increase one-on-one time with each academy instructor. The groups consist of but are not limited to the following classifications:

Red group: Grade 11 and 12 players.
Blue group: Grade 9 and 10 players

Red Group Training Schedule

  Day 1 Day 2
8:10 - 9:30 a.m. Training Training
9:35 - 10:55 a.m. Training Training
10:55 - 11:35 a.m. Lunch Lunch
11:40 - 1 :00 p.m. Block C Course Block D Course
1:05 - 2:23 p.m. Block D Course Block C Course


Blue Group Training Schedule

  Day 1 Day 2
8:10 - 9:30 a.m. Block A Course Block B Course
9:35 - 10:55 a.m. Block B Course Block A Course
10:55 - 11:35 a.m. Lunch Lunch
11:40 - 1 :00 p.m. Training Training
1:05 - 2:23 p.m. Training Training



Each student athlete's performance will be monitored through a series of tests during the course of the semester. We will evaluate during the month of September, middle of November, and at the end of January to see how far they have developed on each skill. College recruitment showcases and Canadian National Teams will typically evaluate athletes in the same areas that we will test academy athletes in. 

Physical Testing:

  • Baserunning Speed: Home to First and Second to Home
  • Push ups and Crunches in a minute
  • Plank
  • Beep Test
  • Pro-Agility (5-10-5)
  • Overhand throwing speed

Positional Testing:

  • Infield testing for throwing quickness and accuracy
  • Outfield testing for throwing quickness and accuracy
  • Catcher testing Pop times to all bases and quickness on bunts
  • Pitcher testing for speed and accuracy on all pitches