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We engage in approximately 80 training sessions, which are approximately 2.25 hours in length.  From the beginning of school until mid November we are on the field everyday where the emphasis is on individual skill, positional skill and team skill aquisition.  The individual skills are throwing, fielding, baserunning and hitting.  Positional skills will include pitching, catching, infield and outfield training.  Team skills are the coordination of individual skills and positional skills put into game speed situations.  During this phase of training the athletes should gain significantly in their softball skills and knowledge of the game.  

Our athletes also participate in one weekend tournament which is at the end of September and is mandatory as part of their participation mark.  The athletes also have the opportunity to play exhibition games and to travel to college showcase tournaments  in the fall.  

From the middle of November till the end January the athletes will now split their time between physical training (wieghts, speed and agility, yoga, spin, etc.) and individual and positional skill training indoors.  This is a time for the athletes to gain strength and physical fitness. 


Each student athlete's performance will be monitored through a series of tests during the course of the semester. We will evaluate during the month of September, middle of November, and at the end of January to see how far they have developed on each skill. College recruitment showcases and Canadian National Teams will typically evaluate athletes in the same areas that we will test academy athletes in. 

Physical Testing

  • Baserunning Speed: Home to First and Second to Home
  • Shuttle Run (5-10-5)
  • Beep Test
  • 3 minute Plank
  • Push ups and Crunches in a minute
  • 8 pound medicine ball throw
  • Overhand throwing speed

Positional Testing

  • Infield testing 
  • Glove to Glove times
  • Accuracy

Outfield testing 

  • Ground ball home
  • Flyball home
  • Cutoff throw

Catcher testing 

  • Pop times to all bases
  • Fielding bunt times

Pitcher testing 

  • Pitch speeds and accuracy
  • Walk through pitching speed

College Recruitment

We will assist the athletes and their parents in understanding the collegiate softball recruiting process.   Those who have a goal of playing at the collegiate softball level will get help building their profiles, how to promote themselves to colleges and how to email and communicate with college coaches.  


Our program specializes in high performance training and elite skill development of athletes during school hours. This program provides the best coaching and training in BC.  We operate out of Exhibition Park and Show Barn in Abbotsford, BC as well as our 10,000 square foot Abbotsford Recreation Centre.