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News: Monday, October 26th, 2015

Yale Sport Academy Partners with Edge Strength and Conditioning

Yale Softball Academy has partnered with EDGE Strength & Conditioning this season to bring you expert strength and conditioning.  EDGE is a training company dedicated to helping you reach your personal and athletic goals. Their focus is to provide you with training programs, coaching, and mentorship that is personalized to your needs.
As a part of your registration fees this season, EDGE Strength & Conditioning is offering a ‘Rotational Power for Athletes’ seminar to all Yale athletes and parents.
Off-field training is often the missing link to high performance. Attend this seminar and learn proper workouts to be an explosive athlete! 
 When you register for the seminar on Tuesday Nov. 10 @ 6:00pm at Yale Secondary School you will also receive a complete training program compliments of EDGE. 
 You don't want to miss this: Register now
 To your performance, your health and your best season ever!